This week's 3rd--5th Grade Hebrew News

Upcoming sessions

Hebrew resumes Sunday-Friday, Apr. 15-20

Dalia's 3rd Grade - Please continue to play the Alef Bet Quest online computer game (OLC).

      Sunday: 8:20-9:25 Class - Please practice Chapters 1 - 11; 11:40-12:45 Class - Please practice Chapters 1-12..

      Friday class: Please practice Chapters 1-13.

Adina's 4th Grade - Please review chapter 12 in the book Alef Bet Quest.

Talia's 5th Grade - Please review the Hebrew letters and vowels on the Alef Bet worksheet here. (Especially those in the "Block" column.) Please also practice Yotzer OrV'ahavta and Chatzi Kaddish

•    5th grade students use their Mishkan T’filah siddur (prayerbook)
•    4th Graders are beginning to receive their Mishkan T’filah siddur (prayerbook)
•    All 3rd Graders use Alef-Bet Quest textbook and the online game from home

For any Hebrew related questions or concerns please contact Rabbi Lisa.

For a refresher - Alef Bet and vowels are here.

You can read along with the recordings here and in case you don't have your books, the text is also included.