This week's 3rd--5th Grade Hebrew News

Upcoming sessions

Wednesday-Thursday, Nov. 14-15

Sunday-Monday, Nov. 18-19

No 3rd-5th Grade Hebrew Wednesday-Sunday, Nov. 21-25

Parents of our 3rd Grade Hebrew classes - Hopefully, by now, you are all familiar with the Alef Bet Quest computer program and the kids are " playing" the reading games. (If you are still struggling with the password, please contact Rabbi Lisa.) This Hebrew reading tool reinforces what they learn in class and helps your child feel comfortable and eager to show and share what they have learned this week.

Dalia’s Class Home Practice - Please practice Chapters 1-3 in Alef Bet Quest.. Feel free to contact Dalia if you have questions, concerns and/or information to share.

For any Hebrew related questions or concerns please contact Rabbi Lisa.

For a refresher - Alef Bet and vowels are here.

You can read along with the recordings here and in case you don't have your books, the text is also included.