This week's 3rd--5th Grade Hebrew News

Upcoming sessions

No 3rd-5th grade Hebrew Sunday, Oct. 22 or Oct. 29

Monday-Friday, Oct. 23-27

Parents of our 3rd Grade Hebrew classes - We understand there may be some difficulty logging in and we're looking into it. We will keep you updated. When the situation gets resolved, please refer to the separate email from Rabbi Lisa with the log in information for your child to access the Alef Bet Quest matching web-based digital companion. If you need more information, please contact Rabbi Lisa.

•    Returning 5th grade students should bring their Mishkan T’filah siddur (prayerbook) with them on the first day. 
•    Returning 4th Graders should bring their Alef-Bet Quest Books from last year. 4th Graders will also receive a Hineni textbook
•    All 3rd Graders will receive an Alef-Bet Quest textbook and online game login.

For any Hebrew related questions or concerns please contact Rabbi Lisa.

For a refresher - Alef Bet and vowels are here.

You can read along with the recordings here and in case you don't have your books, the text is also included.