This week's 3rd--5th Grade Hebrew News

Upcoming sessions

Monday-Thursday, Mar. 25-28 (No Hebrew Sunday, Mar. 24 for Purim Carnival)

Sunday, Mar. 31

Home Practice:

Dalia’s Class - Please practice chapters 1-8 and use the ALEF BET and VOWELS charts.(We are using these charts in class.)

Practice reading chapters 1-8 using the computer site for Alef Bet Quest.

Adina’s Class - Please practice the Blessings Before and After Reading the Torah found here.

Talia’s Class - Review Alef bet and vowels. For a refresher - Alef Bet and vowels are here.

Practice reading morning blessings, Chatzi Kadish and Vehahavta while listening to Talia’s reading here.

You can read along with the recordings here and in case you don't have your books, the text is also included. 

For any Hebrew related questions or concerns please contact Rabbi Lisa.