This week's 3rd--5th Grade Hebrew News

Upcoming sessions

Sunday - Wednesday, April 30-May 3

Sunday - Wednesday, May 7-10

For a refresher - Alef Bet and vowels are here.

Hebrew Home Practice - Throughout the year, teachers will be assigning home practice for the students to work on to keep improving their Hebrew skills. Please share the instructions below with your child.

3rd Grade - All students should practice reading using the online computer game.

Dalia's class: Sunday - Practice Hebrew reading using the computer site, including Chapter 10; Tuesday - Practice Hebrew reading using the two hand outs.

4th Grade - .Please practice the Morning Prayers on page 198-199.

5th Grade - Please practice the Avot v'Imahot and G'vurot on pages 242, 244 & 246

You can read along with the recordings here and in case you don't have your books, the text is also included.