Gesher L'KESHER (bridge to CONNECTION)

Families with children in Kindergarten- 5th Grade can choose between Gesher (K-3)/Kesher (4-5) or Rishonim (Sunday School Program.)

Gesher (BRIDGE): Family learning, grades k-3

Our Gesher program is an incredible alternative education program designed to engage your entire family in Jewish learning and living. Gesher: A bridge to meaningful moments with your family; a bridge to exciting Jewish study; a bridge to connections with your temple community. Gesher is a nationally recognized innovative educational model that integrates Jewish study with Shabbat celebration.

Gesher meets:

  •  1st Friday evening of the month for Shabbat Services, dinner, schmoozing, and community.
    • (Choose either the 5:30pm Tree of Life service, or the 7:10 Hallelu service)
  • One to Two Saturday mornings of the month we gather from 9:00 am-noon for either our "This Shabbat Rocks!" service, or another Shabbat experience, age-level learning and a family experience that ties the morning together.
  • Occasional Saturday afternoon or Sunday activities

Gesher also includes the following special events:

  • Shabbat Schmooze
  • Friday Night Shabbat Experience
  • Shabbat BaBayit
  • K-5 family retreat
  • Family Field Trip
  • Sunday Sandwich Hevre (SSH)

Each year Gesher study is centered around our educational theme and takes place in the classroom and beyond. This next year's theme is: Big Questions Jews Ask!

Gesher includes Gesher Katan (Little Bridge), a special pre-K or 4's/TK option  for 2-4 year olds that meets during our Saturday morning sessions. This program is open to families with older siblings enrolled in the Gesher program.

Gesher also offers families with children who attend Jewish day school a way to strengthen their connection with the temple community (day school students do not need to register for Hebrew classes).

Teens: Older siblings and other interested teens (8th-12th grades) have the leadership opportunity to work as madrichim (class aides).


Kesher (Connection): Focus on Jewish experience, Grades 4-5

Kesher is a Jewish learning experience for 4th and 5th graders who:


- Are seeking deeper connections between their life experiences and Jewish values.
- Are looking for a learning program catered to an older elementary age cohort.
- Have families willing to support and engage with Jewish learning.
- Are looking to extend the Gesher experience to older grades.

Kesher learning experiences meet in tandem with Gesher sessions:

  • 1st Friday evening of the month for Shabbat services, dinner, schmoozing, and community.
    • (choose either 5:30 Tree of Life service, or 7:10 Hallelu service) with Community Shabbat dinner at 6:10 pm.
  • One to Two Saturday mornings of the month we gather from 9:00 am-noon. Sessions will either be:
    • Excursions to experience Jewish life outside the synagogue.
    • On-site informal learning, often including our "This Shabbat Rocks!" service.
    • Parents are welcome to join Gesher parent learning for these sessions, or pick up/drop off their students. These Kesher students must also sign up for a Sunday Hebrew class, a weekday Hebrew class, or Hebrew tutoring.

Gesher l'Kesher Calendar 2017-18 (Final)