This month's movie is
The Invention of Lying

Join Rabbi Callie and Matt Schulman as we explore Judaism through the medium of film. Each month we will screen a film that illustrates a particular Jewish text, idea or value. Matt will provide the lens of the film critic, while Rabbi Callie will connect the film to a Jewish teaching. 

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The next movie in the series will be held on April 18.


Saturday, March 21
7:30 pm at PTBE

Few entertainers have been as controversial and as popular as Ricky Gervais. From his comically off-putting TV series, The Office, to his countless awkwardly funny moments hosting the Golden Globe Awards, Gervais has consistently cared less about the majority public opinion than he has about sharing his personal, embarrassing and uncomfortable experiences with this thing we call existence.

His directorial debut is no less off-putting and controversial than anything you've known him to do. However, this particular project of his calls into question the creation/existence of religion, the benefits of kindness, and the virtue of ignorance and "little white lies." 

The Invention of Lying is a very funny film that should not be approached lightly and is sure to spawn a myriad of opinionated and enlightening debates that was clearly Ricky Gervais' intention from day one.

Join us for an evening of innovative filmmaking and involved and provoked discussion!