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High Holy Days 5775 - 2014                    

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Tickets are required to attend all the following servcies except for the Young Children's Service on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur afternoons and the Yizkor and Neilah Service on Yom Kippur afternoon. All members in good standing and their family members (26 years or younger) will receive a ticket for services.

We welcome your membership.  For information on joining PTBE contact our Chief Operating Officer, Blair Brown.
SELICHOT, Saturday, September 20         
Havdalah, Musical Experience, Social      8:00 pm     Fireside Room/Sanctuary


EREV ROSH HASHANAH, Wednesday, September 24
Early Service     5:30 pm     Sanctuary
Late Service     8:30 pm     Sanctuary


FIRST DAY ROSH HASHANAH, Thursday, September 25
Early Service (Family Friendly)      8:00 am      Sanctuary
Late Service      10:30 am      Sanctuary
Young Children's Service (Preschool)      4:00 pm      Sanctuary


SECOND DAY ROSH HASHANAH, Friday, September 26
Morning Service      10:00 am      Sanctuary


Tashlich and Erev Shabbat Service      6:30 pm      PTBE Garden & Sanctuary
TASHLICH BEACH SERVICE, Sunday, September 28         
Family tashlich at the beach      9:30 am      Venice State Beach, HMB




KOL NIDRE, Friday, October 3
Early Service      5:30 pm      Sanctuary
Late Service      8:30 pm      Sanctuary


YOM KIPPUR, Saturday, October 4
Early Service (Family Friendly)      8:00 am      Sanctuary
Late Service     11:00 am      Sanctuary
Yom Kippur Study      1:30 pm      Sanctuary
Reflective Time      2:30 pm      Sanctuary
Contemplative Service      3:30 pm      Sanctuary
Teen Led Service      3:30 pm      Patio
Young Children's Service (Preschool)      4:00 pm      Library
Musical Interlude      5:15 pm      Sanctuary
Yizkor and Neilah Service      5:30 pm      Sanctuary