Rishonim (Sunday School) 

is committed to Jewish learning that is relevant, engaging and creative.

  • We seek to impart the stories and values from our Torah, celebrate the holidays and expose our students to Jewish history and culture in our caring classroom environments.
  • Classroom learning is enhanced through music, art, Israeli dance and social opportunities.
  • Students learn commitment to tzedakah (acts of justice) by participating in our communities Sunday Sandwich Hevre (SSH), making meals for Samaritan House.
  • 3rd - 5th grades participate in an original and experiential t'filah (prayer) curriculum.

Rishonim views adult members of our school community as stakeholders in its success.. We offer family learning and Shabbat dinner experiences and families are encouraged to participate in our memorable K-8 family retreat.

Judaic Themes by Grade

Kindergarten & 1st Grades  Getting to know the synagogue and learn about Jewish symbols, stories, heroes, holidays, Hebrew letters, blessings, Torah and values in a nurturing environment.

2nd Grade  Doing mitzvot (commandments and holy actions). Students also begin to learn Hebrew letters, vowels, and basic Hebrew words.

3rd Grade  Exploring Jewish Communities and the People and Land of Israel

4th Grade  Studying Jewish Values and Our Torah Story (Genesis through Exodus)

5th Grade  Experiencing Jewish values and heroes