Jewish Journey Learning for 4h and 5th Graders
(In addition to weekday Hebrew Education)

Our Sunday Tiyul program is being phased out in 2017-18 and being reintroduced as Kesher which meets concurrently with our Gesher program. Learn more here.

The Program

Tiyul is a Jewish learning experience for 4th and 5th graders who:

o   Are seeking deeper connections between their life experiences and Jewish values

o   Are looking for a learning program catered to an older elementary age cohort (Feels like Rishonim/Gesher are not meeting needs)

o   Are independently motivated to experience Jewish life and learning

o   Have families willing to support and engage with Jewish learning

o   Seeking a learning experience that better fits into busy lives and schedules

Tiyul is made of 3 parts:  (Click on links for details.)

Sunday Sessions
Excursion Sessions
Individualized Component

Curriculum Outline (click here for details)

Reflection Component

In addition to doing an activity outside of Tiyul, we expect students to reflect on the experience and how it connects to larger Jewish life and identity. After each activity, students are expected to complete a short reflection activity (Also available as a Squarespace form) so we can track the variety of experiences and make sure students are making connection between the at home learning and the temple learning. Towards the end of Tiyul, all students participate in Tiyul Fair Day where everyone presents and  shares some of the individual projects they have done throughout the year.


Rabbi Lisa and our Youth Director will be overseeing Tiyul. Other staff TBD. Staff role includes:

·       Tracking attendance and checking in on group members to ensure participation

·       Following up with student work

·       Helping to support families in participating together

·       Teach in the Sunday afternoon student learning sessions


Parent Involvement

Students are unable to participate in this program without the complete support and involvement of a parent or adult. Parents are needed to help ensure students have access to activities, help with organizing opportunities, and for many activities participate alongside their students. Families are strongly encouraged to coordinate with one another through the support of staff to participate in experiences with other families. The Sunday afternoon learning sessions are for students only. 


Reflection sheets for At Home activities:

Need ideas for At Home Activities? Try these activities.
Also try these books or movies.