Individualized Component:

Although formal learning is considerably reduced in the Tiyul program, we encourage students to recognize that Jewish learning happens through various modalities and experiences. As part of Tiyul, students will choose areas of Jewish life and learning to focus on, based on his/her personal interests. Some activities are completed alone or as a family;  with other activities or events students are encouraged to participate with other students and families in the program (Our staff can help support connections.) Students must complete one activity per month OUTSIDE OF THE CLASS AND EXCURSION SESSION. Each activity or event requires a student to complete a reflection sheet and contribute to our online learning community. We estimate a student should dedicate approximately 3 hours to their individual project each month.

Individual Projects done by Tiyul Students this year:

Social Justice Oriented:

·       Visited sick relative in nursing home or hospital

·       Participated in elementary school fundraiser

·       Made holiday ornaments for Atria (Senior Living home)

·       Volunteered with Home and Hope at PTBE

·       Participated in SSH at PTBE

·       Volunteered in MLK, Jr. Day of Service project

·       Collected tzedakah for organization of choice

Study Orientated:

·       Watched Jewish themed movies/documentary (Keeping up with the Steins, Yentl, Prince of Egypt, Believe, etc)

·       Read Jewish themed books (All of a Kind Family, Anne Frank’s Diary)

·       Interviewed grandparent about Jewish life

·       Conversation with Chasdic Rabbi

·       Learned to play Chanukah songs on piano

·       Attended learning session at PTBE with Rabbi Sara

Jewish Life Oriented

·       Invited friends to eat in Sukkah

·       Family Shabbat dinners (With other Tiyul families)

·       Made Jewish recipes (Challah, Latkes, Hummus, Hamantashen, Mondel Bread)

·       Ate at Jewish deli or Israeli restaurant

·       Attended Israeli music concert

·       Attended Shabbat Services at PTBE or other synagogue

·       Attended Jewish wedding

·       Attended B’nai Mitzvah at PTBE or other synagogue

·       Visited Jewish museums