This week's WNP Middle School News

Upcoming Session

Wednesday, Dec. 12 6:00-8:00 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 9 6:00-8:00 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 12 - Dinner will be Amici’s pizza and salad. This will be our last session until after the Winter Break.

Tzedakah - In all of our education programs, we ask our students and families to participate in Tzedakah. This year, as a school, we voted and determined our Tzedakah will go to Larkin Street Youth Services. This important organization helps to empower young people to move beyond homelessness - and is San Francisco's largest nonprofit provider for young people experiencing homelessness. Please talk to your student about the importance of Tzedakah, send them with Tzedakah to contribute if possible (no matter the amount), and ask questions about what we're doing in your student's Ed Program to continue to teach them more about this important organization throughout the year.

Next session: Wednesday, Jan. 9

PTBE & Beyond

“Campership” Grants Available for Jewish Summer Youth Programs - Again this year, we are supporting PTBE children and teens who wish to attend Jewish summer camps and Israel programs. Grants come from a variety of sources in the temple. All grants are need-based and made on a rolling basis, with an application deadline of March 29. Please click here for the application, and contact Steve Robertson ( with any questions.

Camp Newman Summer 2019 Registration Opened Tuesday, Nov. 13 - Click here to learn more.

Bay Area Friendship Circle Winter Camp - Serving children and teens with special needs. We're holding a fun, action-packed 2-Day Winter Camp! Each camper is paired one-on-one with a trained teen volunteer, who provides friendship and support. A trained therapist is on site. A quiet sensory room and alternative activities are always available. Bring your own lunch and snacks. 

Day 1, 12/26: Location - Achieve Kids |3860 Middlefield Road | Palo Alto (drop off and pick-up is at Achieve Kids) An action-packed day full of activities including movement, music and art especially designed for our campers

Day 2, 12/27: Location - Pump It Up | 2919 Mead Ave | Santa Clara (drop off and pick-up is at Pump It Up)

Bouncing, climbing and jumping on inflatables followed by lunch and group games. 

Click here to learn more.

For any additional WNP 6th grade related questions or concerns please contact Rabbi Lisa and for any additional 7th/8th grade related quesions or concerns please contact Rabbi Laura.

For Patti's Torah Trope class, here are the recordings to practice.