Our community and all our efforts are guided by these values:


We respect and accept the differences among our community. We welcome people with divergent beliefs, perspectives and spiritual practices. Interfaith couples and families are an important and valued part of our community. We strive to create a welcoming, comfortable environment and a sense of belonging for all. We welcome the stranger, embrace our members, and honor our elders.


Every member of our community is both a teacher and a learner. Our learning and teaching is not confined to the classroom or the pulpit. We treat each other with integrity, dignity and respect as we learn from both our successes and our failures. 

Social Action

“If I am not for others, what am I?” We are inspired by our participation in Torah study, worship and spiritual life as we actively engage in social action and perform good deeds in our community.

Creative Worship and Celebration

In addition to our regular worship offerings, we encourage and create ongoing opportunities to experience our spirituality. Through creative worship and celebration, people are aided in their quest for purposeful and meaningful lives. 


We see the worth in all that we do for each other. We acknowledge the need for our effort and our funds to serve our community and continue our work. We give openly, spiritually and generously, and honor all the contributions of our members.

K’lal Yisrael

We embrace being part of a larger Jewish People and actively seek to build bonds with the Jews in our own community, in Israel and around the world. We seek opportunities to work collaboratively with other Jewish organizations and communities.